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It all began with the alarming pollution levels, documentaries and scientists talking about events around the world
and describing different scenarios that has triggered natural catastrophic events caused due to global warming
which affected each and every life thriving on this planet.

It seems complicated yet it’s simple how things that we use, how we consume and what we consume affect us in many ways, directly and indirectly. The best example we witnessed is COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Zero waste’ and ‘Sustainable living’ initiatives by Ecomantraa is not just about creating less or no waste but also about decreasing pollution, rejuvenating lands, using green energy and eco-friendly products. We have introduced and will keep on introducing verities of sustainable products along with spreading awareness of its benefits.

We work for different environmental issues by putting 1% of every purchase into tree plantation, promotion of different farming products, wild-life protection and creation of greener and eco-friendly environment. Along with this, we also pledge to become zero carbon emitting company. Join us to fight climate change and promote sustainable living.