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Copper – very very proper

The moment we hear copper, we are reminded of nice bronze like utensils, used to store water overnight or in the day time; or the copper vessels showcased as the traditional items at our houses. Either you would have seen this practice at home done by your elders or you.

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NEEM WOOD – Like name like properties.

Neem is well known in every household for its amazing health benefits. The usage of neem has been in our tradition since ancient time. Our ancestors used neem for its medicinal properties and some of us do even today. Modern science recognizes these properties as well and has incorporated neem.

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Bamboo – Hyped or a hidden blessing?

We all know bamboo but mostly as that cute lucky bamboo plant which we gift people. Or some of us may relate bamboo with pandas as that’s what we have seen. Bamboo is much more than a gift article. It is a hidden blessing that we will now uncover.

Bamboo plant.

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Shenanigans Of Plastics With Humans

Yet another of the poor soul got washed on the shore; probably breathing last of its breath or dead already. Not a pretty sight to our eyes. Our mind wonders, "what could be the misery?" Turns out, the gut of that creature was filled with plastic debris. It did not.

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Shenanigans Of Plastics With Environment

We did see what plastic does to our body from inside. Now, we need to understand what role does plastic plays while being out there in open. From the moment it is produced to the time it is thrown away, it affects our environment on each and every step. Plastic.

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Become The Healer

We learned about plastic pollution and its effect on humans and environment. If we think over it, we would feel helpless as plastic has entered each and every segment of our lives. Every product that we own or use has plastic in some form for sure. So how do we.

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The Extinction That Was Saved (By YOU)

All the talks about plastic pollution and environmental crises might not sound too terrifying, yet. We tend to think, ‘what effect does one person’s actions have on this vast planet?’ With this thinking, we keep on going with our same old harmful lifestyle. It is important to understand the seriousness.

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