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Neem is well known in every household for its amazing health benefits. The usage of neem has been in our tradition since ancient time. Our ancestors used neem for its medicinal properties and some of us do even today. Modern science recognizes these properties as well and has incorporated neem in medicines. It’s home to more than 130 different biological compounds!

So to break it down in simple words, it’s an effective antiviral and antibacterial, along with being a powerful immuno-stimulant. You must have seen bunch of ads showcases neem as the hero in face-packs and shampoos. This is because neem is a wonderful healer. It cures the problem of dandruff and it helps in bringing shine and luster to your hair. So many amazing benefits packed in one plant.

Now these properties doesn’t just stay hidden in leaves but it is present in the entire neem-tree. If you can recall, our grand parents used neem twigs to brush their teeth and I bet theirs were much healthier than ours. As it is in twigs, it is also present in its wood. Neem-wood is a very sturdy and long lasting material. It doesn’t require too much of treatments to make it last longer.

Products made from neem-wood are the best options when we decide to pay attention to our health. We wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned. Neem-wood comb is one such product. These neem-wood combs are your scalp’s best friend. Plastic combs tend to generate static charge in hair which makes them frizzy and dry, leading to split ends and dandruff. Whereas neem-wood combs does not do any such thing. It stimulates blood circulation in your scalp which in turn helps your follicles be stronger.

Other than it’s magical effect on human health, it is also our land’s best friend. Neem-wood combs are completely biodegradable and doesn’t release any chemicals in our beloved soil. So we give back to earth whatever we take. Neem-wood combs are usually hand made by local artisans. So if you switch to neem-wood combs then you are not only being eco-conscious but also socially conscious.