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We all know bamboo but mostly as that cute lucky bamboo plant which we gift people. Or some of us may relate bamboo with pandas as that’s what we have seen. Bamboo is much more than a gift article. It is a hidden blessing that we will now uncover.

Bamboo plant is one of the fastest growing plants and requires very low maintenance. Bamboo has a very good tolerance for a marginal land which makes it a very good candidate for afforestation. We are already facing the issue of deforestation and planting bamboos can help us reverse the process. Other than this, bamboo plant has an immense capacity to hold carbon. Another big blessing in these times when there is so much of carbon in the atmosphere. So, using bamboo in making products is much better than any other material.

When we use a product, we generally are concerned with the ease of use and wouldn’t pay attention to its effects on our health. Plastic products are easily manufactured but they also easily fracture our biological system. Whereas bamboo products such as bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo toothbrush travel-cases, bamboo earbuds, come with health benefits.

Bamboo products are naturally anti-bacterial. They have no harmful effect on our health. As it is natural, it decomposes completely. So, when you have used a bamboo product you can simply toss it in a compost bin or can bury it in soil. Within few months it will go back to earth. It is not only saving you but it is also saving out land.

Convinced? If not then here’s the impact of using plastic products such as plastic toothbrushes. It is estimated that with around 7.5+ billion people we use around 30 billion plastic toothbrushes resulting to half a (0.5) million tone of plastic waste. This is either dumbed in our landfill or in the ocean harming us in many different ways. By replacing one plastic toothbrush to bamboo toothbrush, you not only save around 250 grams of plastic waste every year but also help us to recover our planet in many ways.

And to top it up, we use at least 1% of every purchase in recovering our planet where you not only help us in reducing plastic waste but also reduce greenhouse gases. Climate change is real but we always have a choice to reverse it or take it further.