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All the talks about plastic pollution and environmental crises might not sound too terrifying, yet. We tend to think, ‘what effect does one person’s actions have on this vast planet?’ With this thinking, we keep on going with our same old harmful lifestyle. It is important to understand the seriousness of this situation. It is no more the question of just environment, it is about our survival.


The constant pile up of plastic waste in our soil has laid the land barren in most of the areas. That land becomes non-fertile and doesn’t hold the capacity to absorb water or carbon for that matter. Due to this we face the shortage in food production, forcing use to use artificial methods in increasing food production; which in turn causes more harm than good. The excess carbon that stays in the atmosphere, unabsorbed by land, increases the overall temperature. The higher temperature not only forces us to use more air conditioners but think about its effect on all the plastic products that are out there in open. As we talked earlier, it increases the rate of chemical release in atmosphere, which means we are breathing those chemical-induced micro plastic particles every single day. One single person uses about an average of 100kg of plastic in the lifetime and we are well aware of our population. Calculate the accumulation of waste on daily basis and you will realise that every one of us, each single person’s action matters now. If we move on this rate, we are not far from executing our own extinction.


We are more than 7 billion people on this planet. As we understood, if each on us starts to throw a plastic waste, we would not have enough space to reside. Now the same process could save us the fortune. What if each one of us starts to reduce the usage of plastic, reuse the products we already have and then replace it with an eco-friendly alternative. It starts with one person being the change. We need to educate as much as possible about the lingering threat. People are unaware of the repercussions their actions are having. Some are completely deluded that climate change is not real. We are witnessing the effects as we speak. If you understand the seriousness and if you take a step to bring the change then others will be motivated to do so. If not, at least you would have made some difference today. Let us try and buy us some time to not let the sixth mass extinction happen. We could save us. You could save us. Be Responsible, Be The Change!