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We learned about plastic pollution and its effect on humans and environment. If we think over it, we would feel helpless as plastic has entered each and every segment of our lives. Every product that we own or use has plastic in some form for sure. So how do we save ourselves? It is by taking one step at a time. It is not possible to wipe out plastic entirely but we can start by replacing it with eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable products, wherever possible. Majority of havoc is caused by single-use plastic in our ecosystem. Products such as plastic straws, plastic cups, earbuds with plastic stem, plastic cutlery, etc., are never recycled, thus, they end up in landfills and ocean.


Our planet is badly wounded and so our bodies. Good news is, we have the power to become the healer. How do we do that? Even with small changes like replacing single-use plastic products with multi-use or biodegradable products we will be able to gradually move towards sustainable way of living. We do have raw materials which can be used to make beautiful alternatives. For instance, bamboo and wood. Bamboo is very easy to grow and it is one of the fastest growing grasses on the planet. It requires less maintenance, no fertilisers or pesticides and no special irrigation or replanting. Bamboo as a plant is very healthy for environment as it nourishes the soil and helps grow trees around it in a healthier manner. When bamboo products are used and disposed or buried, they decompose completely and get back to earth. So, we are giving what we are taking. No pile up on landfills or no accumulation in ocean. In addition to being eco-friendly, it is also very good for human health. Bamboo is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial material. Unlike plastic, it has zero side effects on our health. Win-win situation for all!


Just like bamboo, wood helps us too. Neem-wood is the widely used material because of its efficiency, durability, and usefulness. One of the greatest attributes of the Neem-wood is that it is a renewable resource. It has low carbon impact and low embodied energy. For the environment, Neem tree helps in balancing oxygen level in atmosphere and controlling floods which reduces soil erosion and salination. It is also considered the best medicine for humans. Usage of Neem in any form enhances the health and overall life. Neem wood which is used to make combs can have much positive effect on our hair and scalp than plastic combs. It helps in keeping our scalp free from any bacteria and dandruff. Also, it is completely biodegradable. So, all our boxes of being sustainable, biodegradable and eco-friendly, are checked. Again, win-win situation, hurrah!


When we think about a sustainable way of living, we also have to think of the making of the products. Products that are made in factories and imported from other far-away places create a huge carbon footprint which ultimately nullifies our efforts. Using locally sourced and handcrafted products create much lesser carbon footprint. The cost comes down and it sustains the local market. Not only did we help in reducing plastic waste but we also supported the local economy; and we saved our planet too.


One small step and you can see the impact. Healing process could be slow but it will give result. All smiles and no frowns!