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Copper Bottle (Mandala Art)

Original price was: ₹1,000.00.Current price is: ₹900.00.


Carry your water not just with style but along with nutrition. Copper is know for its nutritional vales since ages. Available with amazing color coating it helps you keep your bottle clean and not let it get oxidize.

Benefits of COPPER bottle:

  • Made with 300 grams of 99% pure copper.
  • Maintains PH value of water.
  • Improves your digestive performance.
  • Aids you with health loss.
  • Helps you heal your wounds faster.
  • boosts skin health and improves melanin production.

Carry your nutrition with style.

Capacity:- 950 ml.

How to use

You can carry copper bottle with any substitute like you carry general bottles in bag or hand or car, etc.,

As it is coated with amazing colors it do not oxidize its actual copper color which needs to be clean every month.

End of life

Copper bottles do last long and are very useful and nutritional. Anyhow it does have and life cycle that ends.

Metals are easily degradable products. You can not only repurpose it if you like, you can also send it for scrape around your local market.

EcoMantraa will soon come up with its own ways to help you save the time from such works.

Your Impact

Every day 1.3 billion single use plastic bottles are produced. They end up no where but on our land and ocean, harming the ecosystem and our food lifecycle.

Plastic is not only cause of pollutions and harmful diseases but waste plastic also assist global warming my releasing methane which is 28 times more harmful.

Switching to copper bottle will not only fight these problems but also enhance your your giving you various benefits.

Take a step towards a better future and switch to an eco friendly solution.


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